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Within the project we organised a series of interesting & motivating events to discuss different aspects of cooperation and energy data sharing between municipalities and energy utilities, as well as to find ways how to improve LA's access to data. With the Energy Days and Local Energy Forums we also involved citizens and local stakeholders in the energy planning processes in their municipalities. More details may be found below.

EU and national roundtables on energy data sharing

A series of EU and national roundtables gave the municipalities, energy utilities and their partners an opportunity to meet in person and share their views and expectations concerning exchange of data and cooperation with the other party.


  • 1st EU roundtable on energy data sharing, Brussels

    The 1st EU roundtable, which opened discussion, took place in Brussels on the 23rd of May 2013. It focused on exploring challenges and barriers related to energy data sharing and finding common solutions acceptable both for LAs developing their sustainable energy strategies and for energy utilities asked to provide data. The meeting gathered 21 participants, including representatives of local authorities and their associations, energy utilities, Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation, DG ENER, Joint Research Centre and the Covenant of Mayors Office. More info on the discussions undertaken and conclusions reach may be found here.

  • National roundtables in 12 project countries

    This highly successful 1st EU roundtable was followed by two rounds of national roundtables in each of the project countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Spain). National roundtables helped to put the discussions in the national context and to develop country-specific solutions and good data sharing practices.

    Each of the national roundtables was attended by representatives of local self-governments, energy utilities, national regulators of the energy market, ministries involved in the transposition of the European Energy Efficiency Directive, national statistical organizations and other entities influencing or involved in the energy data collection and sharing processes. More detailed reports from the meetings may be found on the relevant national versions of the website.

  • 2nd EU roundtable on energy data sharing, Brussels

    2nd EU roundtable concluded discussions on the possibilities to improve cooperation and energy data sharing between energy utilities and municipalities. It was organised in Brussels on the 10th of March 2015 and gathered 21 participants. The agenda included three thematic sessions. The first one presented the learnings and good practice examples developed within the framework of the project, the second one focused on preparation of final recommendations for EU and national decision makers on improving municipalities' access to good quality energy data, while the third one focused on activities planned after the project end to make that will help to ensure that initiated processes will be successfully completed. More info on the discussions undertaken and conclusions reach may be found here.

Energy days

Energy days were organised in selected municipalities involved in the MESHARTILITY project in order to help to raise citizens' energy awareness and mobilize them around local energy objectives. Regular organisation of such events helps local authorities to increase citizens and local stakeholders' involvement in the SEAP process, which is crucial for achieving the 20% CO2 reduction target by 2020.
During the three years of project implementation 51 Energy Days were organised in 13 regions, gathering approx. 15 500 people. Project partners and host municipalities showed great creativity during the organization of the events. They took many different forms and included various activities such as workshops, exhibitions, study visits, open door days, forums, competitions for schools and for the general public. Often the events were linked to other popular local events to gain a wider audience. More detailed reports from the events may be found on the relevant national versions of the website.

Local energy forums

Another way of mobilizing local society around common energy goals, used within the MESHARTILITY project, was organisation of local energy forums. Such meetings took place in each municipality participating in the project. They gathered representatives of citizens and relevant local stakeholders, who were invited to take part in a discussion on the local energy situation and possibilities of improving it. Feedback from the forums was used during the development of local Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), which helped to ensure that the plans are truly bottom-up and include various interests and actions. More detailed reports from the forums may be found on the relevant national versions of the website.

Project partners' meetings

During the MESHARTILITY project implementation project partners met 6 times to discuss their up-to-date achievements and future tasks. Regular meetings helped to ensure successful and timely project realisation. At the links below you may learn more about the outcome of each meeting:

Other events

Except for the regular project events, we have organised also some widespread dissemination activities to widely promote MESHARTILITY and its outcomes. More info may be found at the links below:

Although the MESHARTILITY project ended, there are still many interesting projects and initiatives going on in Europe and many energy-related events are organised. For more information on the upcoming events, click here.


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